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After 25 years in the field of education as a mathematics teacher, recruiter of teachers, computer software trainer, education program specialist, program director, college prep counselor and education consultant, Lori Donoho had and unction to transfer all of those talents, abilities, gifts and skills to the cosmetology industry as a licensed cosmetologist and Certified Hair Loss Specialist.

How do these skills translate? Her calling is to work with people to help them achieve goals that they did not think were possible. In the education arena, it showed up problem-solving through difficult assignments and building cooperative environments in hostile situations.  It showed up in teaching at an alternative high school for students who left school or were forced out because the systems were not designed to accommodate their individual needs. It showed up as recruiting teachers for underserved areas that were hard to staff. It showed up uniting school systems, universities and informal education entities in education reform efforts. It showed up preparing children for college and careers when they and others predicted they could not or would not do either.

The same critical thinking and problem-solving skills that brought success in the education arena, answer similar concerns in the hair care industry.  Conversations with family and friends that started with “My hair won’t…” or “I hate my hair” ended, after a caring, responsive consultation, with Lori’s response, “Let’s see what we can do.” She doesn’t profess to have all of the answers, but is willing to work together with you and other health and hair professionals, if needed, to maximize your results.

Lori holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Emory University, is a licensed cosmetologist in the states of Maryland and Virginia, and received her certification as a Hair Loss Specialist from the Toni Love Training Center.

Lori Donoho - Certified Hair Loss Specialist